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Solar PV Shop Portugal supplies an excellent range of renewable energy products as photovoltaic Panels and photovoltaic Products. Power given to you by big brands like photovoltaic products from SMA with Sunny Boy, Sunny Storage, Sunny Tripower, Sunny Island. And other brands, JinkoSolar, Kioto PV modules, BYD batteries.

Trade and Retail PV Systems and PV Products. Complete photovoltaic solar power systems to bring down the electricity costs. The most significant energy Portugal is the Sun. Take advantage with renewable energy systems and the sun in the Algarve. Downgrade the electrical bill to zero!

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Photovoltaic products from SMA, Sunny Boy, Sunny Storage, Sunny Tripower, Sunny Island, JinkoSolar, BYD batteries,  Kioto PV modules and RCT Power.

Becoming carbon neutral has a high priority in Algarve Portugal. It started a program called PO SEUR, Operational Programme for Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources. The program is launched in 2014 and ends in 2020 and is funded by the European Commission. 

Portugal shall be awarded 25 thousand million euros until 2020 to achieve these goals. The primary purpose for the Portugeese government is to become total carbon neutral before the year 2050.

Within PO SEUR,  16 goals were defined to stimulate growth and the creation of Employment. João Pedro Matos Fernandes, the Environment Minister for Portugal, has announced: "Yes, we are all very committed, we have achieved all of our previous goals in Portugal, and we will achieve these ones."

Renewable energy what is it - Green power vs sun energy. Renewable energy types, are they all green? The power sources are, but what about the production if we like to take advantage of it. Benefits of renewable power and their influence on this planet. Cost of green power vs fossil fuels is it really cheaper if we count it all up.

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Renewable energy what is it - Green power vs PV energy

The definition of Green energy is electricity that has been generated using renewable energy sources. It's called sustainable power, natural energy or eco-electricity. Use the sun as main solar power supplier.

Sustainable means that the energy source is inexhaustible, that it's is clean and reliable and that there are hardly any harmful effects on the climate during extraction and conversion. It's also a collective name for forms of renewable energy obtained from non-fossil fuels.

With photovoltaic panels you make 100% green energy.

Yes, they produce, but the truth behind it is that it is not green at all. Let us have a look at a panel. What kind of materials they use to produce it.

  • Monocrystalline silicon is widely used on photovoltaic panels and is known for its high efficiency and quality. To fabricate monocrystalline panels, the individual crystals are further processed. 
  • All crystels are laid in the same direction. That makes a monocrystalline panel generate more energy per surface. The most expensive production method, but it does deliver the highest yield. You can reconise these photovoltaic cells by the round corners. 
  • Polycrystalline silicon is also often used for photovoltaic panels. Due to the difference in production method, the efficiency of polycrystalline silicon is somewhat lower than that of monocrystalline silicon. 
  • With polycrystalline cells, the individual crystals will be no longer processed after the solidification process. This makes the production process of a polycrystalline panel shorter