Solar Quote - Solar installation cost.

Solar quote - Solar installation cost. PV prices have fallen significantly over the last five years, due to market competition and technological advancements. The average price for a residential photovoltaic system in Portugal is now lowering then 1.36 euro per watt. This price is inclusive installation costs by us.

Does solar really save you money?

The answer can be concise. Yes, you can save money by installing a electric panel system. SMA gives you the opportunity to calculate it your self. With SUNNY DESIGN you can configuration, simulation your cost of PV panels. Analyze the level of self-consumption and convince with reliable profitability evaluations. Select between SUNNY DESIGN or the PRO for comfortable PV system configuration. 

The pro is for comprehensive planning of complete energy systems. Everybody with an e-mail address will have the opportunity to use the online calculation from SMA. Try out the Sunny Design Pro for three weeks, without any costs. 

Take that opportunity if you are planning to install a photovoltaic system for self-consumption. You like to go off-grid? Than you can learn how much energy you have to produce for a comfortable living. 

Before you start, be prepared with some realistic data. Such as:

  • Electricity rates in your country.
  • Some electricity bills.
  • Are there solar tax credits?
  • How many panels installed on the space you have.

I'll make an example of how to use this complete online calculation program. You will learn that a solar energy, saves you money with more efficiency than a bank account.

Can solar panels eliminate electric bills?

Only in ideal situations, photovoltaic power systems can eliminate energy bills. That means that you have a solar batteries backup system for the night and cloudy days. Here in Portugal Algarve, we are close to ideal. 

In this example, we are not going to use any tax credits. The feed-in tariff from the EDP depends on the situation you are. If you make a contract with the utility company, it also means that you have to buy a separate electric meter. 

We often use the Itron 7000. Additional there has to be a GPS communicator installed. If everything is fixed, a certificated electrician from the EDP has to examen the system and sign the contract. Total costs about 1500 euro's, depending on the photovoltaic system. 

Up to 1500W of panels is free to install and is open to feed in the grid. But there is no return for the electricity you deliver to the utility company like EDP. You do have to register the installation with your utility company. 

There is a big advantage if you do! In most cases, the electricity meter counts whats consumed but also the feed in. That means that you pay a standard tariff for the Electra you feed in. So, to be clear about this, you pay 25 cents for every kW that is delivered to the EDP! With signing up, the EDP will change the meter to bidirectional, and you pay only for the amount is used!

Calculating your solar requirments.

To see what is ideal in your situation we make an example for portugal. The data we are goint to use:

  1. For portugal the price for one kW of electra is about 25 cents ( including IVA ).
  2. Yearly consumtion about 2900 KW.
  3. All equipment prices are from the our Shop.

Make a account with your mail adres here at SUNNY DESIGN. Start to make a new project, choose "PV system with self-consumtion". 

Then you can enter your project data: Read this page carefull and fill in. At the section " Inverter Grid Connection" probely the line Three-phase feed-in is bold. Change that to Single Phase! 

Define the load profile: Define your load profile. Also, additional data can be entered as Electric car or other specific loads. 

Configuration off the PV system: Type of panels from the shop, JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. The Eagle PERC 60M 295-315 Watt. ( JKM-315-60 (5BB) Perc Eagle ( 12/2017). Number of boards is 5. 

Inverter Design: Choose, design suggestions and then the 1 x SB 1.5-1VL-40

Wire Sizing: Probably you will see an error. Change the wire size to 4mm2 for the Sunny Boy 1.5. 

Determine possible self-consumption Here you can determine your possible self-consumption with and without increased self-consumption. Extent with energy management like the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 or storage off excess surplus power. 

First, leave it like it is. You have to create a base calculation before you can compare it with additional equipment! Solar quote - Solar installation cost.  

There it is, the first impression of the self-consumption and load analysis. Next step is planning the energy management.

Analyse profitability: Here you can edit the details on the photovoltaic panel installation cost and consider an analysis of the profitability of the PV project. Edit the section of PV system Costs with the prices from our PV Shop or from other solar companies if you prefer.

From the overview, go to project documentation. A full report will appear and ready for download.

For more precise calculation and a realistic quote, send us the data. It is importend to now how the instalation wil will perform in the next 20 years!