Solar battery BYD | lithium ion batteries PV energy storage

BYD lithium ion batteries takes up little space and will installed quickly. The faster you can benefit from your PV power panels with your home lithium storage.

The new BYD home home storage is easy to integrate into new and existing PV systems. The efficiency of 95.3% is striking, compared to 93% with the Tesla Powerwall. His total return (round trip) is 95.3% - which can be called ultra-efficient. The higher efficiency automatically means a longer lifespan, since less amount of energy is converted into heat in contrast with lead acid batteries.


The rechargeable batteries from BYD is a lithium-ion energy storage power system with a useful storage capacity of 2.56 kWh and can be expanded modularly to a battery bank off 81.1 kWh. The extension battery can store a capacity of 1.28 kWh, 2.56 kWh or 3.5 kWh, depending on the model. A suitable solution for every requirement!

The High Voltage BYD series are compatible with Sma Sunny Storage 2.5 / 3.7 / 5.0 / 6.0 and Low Voltage BYD series with Sma Sunny Island 4.4m / 6.0H / 8.0H.

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Solar battery BYD | lithium ion batteries PV energy storage

The BYD battery storage system meets the highest safety requirements. It is certified for transport under the UN38.3 guideline for lithium-ion storage systems. Has been tested by the new safety guideline for lithium-ion storage systems for home use and complies with DIN standard EN 62619. Installers and end users, therefore, have the certainty that the safety of the device is guaranteed.

Advantages of BYD lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4):

  1. You can use daily stored power whenever you need them.
  2. With the ability to store renewable energy, you can also use more energy.
  3. You are less dependent on the electricity grid.
  4. You save on your energy costs.

Easy installation

Finally, thanks to the plug-and-play installation and the use of light building materials. This makes a quick and straightforward assembly by only one person possible.

Solar battery BYD | lithium ion batteries PV energy storage

Unlike with comparable systems, the BYD B-BOX is connected directly to the direct current (DC) from the hybrid inverter. And is at the same time compatible with conventional PV inverters. Based on the optimally matched DC technology, much smaller sales losses occur in the system. With direct energy consumption, there is virtually no loss, and with intermediate storage. The total storage system achieves an extremely high efficiency of 95.3 percent within the entire charging and discharging cycle (round trip). This means that the user can have more self-generated energy.

Affordable system price / low costs:

A home storage is connected to the photovoltaic power system. As long as you generate electricity during the day, your lithium bank charges and all your devices run directly on solar energy. In the spring and summer months it is even possible to be completely independent of the electricity grid. In the evening and on days with little sun, you use electricity from the Lithium Storage. Only when the home storage is empty will power be taken off the energy grid again.

This is the time to start generating power yourself. That way you are less dependent on the large energy companies.

Making electricity yourself is too much to be left behind. Waiting for an affordable home battery can take years. Moreover, we are only at the start of the energy revolution. The Netherlands is getting rid of gas and that moment is closer than you think. In fact, there are already very new housing estates that are being built without a gas connection. Alternative energy sources such as wind and PV energy are on the rise. And there is a good chance that energy prices will rise in the coming years.

Thanks to the rise of electric cars, home batteries are rapidly becoming cheaper. Not surprising that many well-known (electric) car brands offer home batteries.

The pricing per kwh of the BYD B-Box ensures exceptionally efficient operation.