Jinko solar panels | chips from Maxim Integrated

Jinko is one of the biggest players on the PV world market. The company was founded in 2006 and started with the production of silicon ingots in Shangrao. In 2009 they took over the cell and panel production from Sunvalley Energy Application Technology in Haining. 

The economical panels from Jinko are extensively tested and inspected. Jinko has effective quality controls at every stage of the production chain, from silicon to the final assembly of the panels. All have a high salt, moisture and ammonia resistance. It is not for nothing that these Jinko photovoltaic panels are located at the head office of Photon test sheet. From Q4 2013, the Jinko boards are guaranteed PID-free (Eagle series). 

Jinko is in Bloomberg's Tier1 list, which examines the financial stability of producers on the basis of a number of criteria.

Jinko solar panels | chips from Maxim Integrated

We expand our products with photovoltaic panels from Jinko with Maxim Integrated Power Optimization. These are optimized per cell string of 20 cells by means of a chip from Maxim Integrated. This chip works as a MPP tracker. An advantage of these Jinko - Maxim panels is that it can be connected to all types of inverters. When one cell of the panel is in the shade, the chip ensures that the remaining 19 cells in the cell string can still perform optimally. 

Constant power monitoring thanks to the integrated:

  • chip-based optimization system.
  • Compensation for shadow losses.
  • More flexibility in the design plan of the strands.
  • Power-Guard power guarantee.
  • Jinko modules perform better at high temperatures and higher humidity than others thanks to their PID-free functions.
  • The panels perform better than in rough nature condition Including frequent typhoon, earthquake, snow and wind, coastal environment, ammonia-shrouded farm etc. Due to its superiors mechanical and chemical resistant properties.
  • Generate more electricity in the early morning, late in the day and on cloudy days from the advanced PV module and cell technology.
  • Exposure to sunlight ensures a reliable output over time.

Maxim technology replaces the need for bypass diodes by eliminating hot spots and minimizing the impact of power degradation. This makes the technology increasingly sophisticated. From optimization per string, to optimization per panel, to optimization per 20 cells.

Jinko Solar panels with chips from Maxim Integrated

 At 2017 market leader with 9.7 GWp sold Jinko PV panels. GlobalData has presented its annual analysis of the photovoltaic panel market. According to the research firm, Jinko is the market leader with 9.7 gigawatt peak of photovoltaic boards sold, a growth of 46 percent. Last year, the Jinko holding was also number 1. The top 5 has even been changed in only one place: JA compagnie and Canadian photovoltaic changed places. 

The top 10 is good for a market share of 56 percent and looks like this:

  1.     Jinko (grown from 6.65 to 9.7 GWp)
  2.     Trina (grown from 6.43 to 9.1 gigawatt peak)
  3.     JA compagnie (grown from 5.1 to 7.5 GWp)

The company, founded in 2006, is one of the international market leaders in the photovoltaic industry. Jinko has a vertically integrated production system for discs, cells and panels with an annual capacity of 6.5 GW. More than 15,000 employees work for this Chinese manufacturer worldwide.

Jinko distributes its photovoltaic energy products and sells its solutions and services to diversified international, commercial and residential customers in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and other countries. Jinko has built up a vertically integrated product value chain, with the integrated annual capacity 5 GW for photovoltaic cells and 9 GW PV modules.

The entire production process is closely monitored. UL certified test laboratory. Testing products in extreme conditions, Salt fog or in an agricultural ammonia atmosphere.

The Jinko solar panels warranty have 12 years for 90% and 25 years for 80% Peak Power

Jinko is listed on the TIER1 list: a list of manufacturers that meet the strict requirements of American banks.

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