Off Grid | lithium batteries and generator

You are off-grid when you have no connection to the energy grid. With PV panels in combination with a solar battery bank it is possible to go off-grid. But what exactly is the difference between being off-grid, energy neutral and being self-sufficient?

What is off-grid PV anyway?
Off-grid means that you have your own facility with which you meet your electricity needs. Almost all households in the portugal have a fixed connection to the power source network through which electricity enters the home. If you are off-grid, you no longer need this connection.

For example, it is possible to produce electricity with a diesel or gasoline generator. That you use at home to supply your equipment with electricity and to charge batteries. However, that is an expensive way to generate electricity yourself. It is cheaper and especially more sustainable to go off-grid with photovoltaic panels.

Solar panels then charge your batteries and only if there is little sun for a period of time, you use a generator to generate electricity. Even if you use a generator, you are still off-grid because you are not connected to the electricity grid.

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Off Grid | lithium batteries and generator

Off-grid can be interesting for holiday homes, or remote locations where it is too expensive to realize an electricity connection.
What is the difference between self-sufficient, neutral and off-grid?

If you think about becoming more or less independent of the electra grid? There are three common terms that you need to know. A self-sufficient residential solar, an energy-neutral or that is off-grid. There are several differences between these three terms.

What is an off-grid house?

A home that is off-grid, just like a self-sufficient home, has no fixed connection to the gas or electricity grid. Power can be stored in batteries for later use and in times with less sunlight. A gasoline or diesel generator automatically helps to charge the batteries or use the electricity directly.

Running a diesel or gasoline generator costs up to four times more per kWh than electricity from the electricity grid.

Stable renewable energy.
Everywhere in the world. At any time. Our expertise is in the field of autonomous energy solutions for many years. We translate your electricity demand into an independently functioning system based on sun.

Sometimes that is 100% off-grid, sometimes in combination with the existing grid. We work close to home and internationally. We use an extensive team of consultants and technicians.

Solar-PV-Shop-Portugal-logo.jpgThanks to the many years of international experience, we are in a good position to guide organizations and advise on the construction. Implementation or monitoring of (large-scale) photovoltaic projects. We are flexible and are happy to help you further. Would you also like a free quote or customized advice?

Do you want to generate power yourself or build autarkically? Because there is no grid connection or because you want to be less dependent on an electra company? What if you want to be more off-grid (grid independent). But you are not yet ready to completely exclude the energy grid?

Good news!
We offer different energy systems for every budget where you can determine to what extent you still use the electricity grid, your power source.

After a short intake, we help you make a choice from the various options. Of course we wil advise the best solution for your question. This can be an energy system in combination with the existing network. Or a system that runs completely independently.

Fully focused on your situation and location. We use quality products from A-brands in our systems, because we believe in long-term commitment and a sustainable future. Select the solution you are looking for below.

Off Grid | lithium batteries and generator

A grid-connected hybrid system
Is intended for people who also want to use their own generated green power from the PV panels. When there is no sun and also want to remain connected to the grid as a backup.

During the day, the PV energy that is not immediately used can be stored in a battery pack. Storing makes you independent and gives you the chance to use your own generated sustainable energy for 100%.

This maximizes own use, so this is a step further towards an off-grid (network independent) system. If there is not enough available in your stoarage cell, then the grid can be used automatically. This means you will never run out of power.

This system uses a grid tie hybrid inverter. This type of inverter makes it possible to store generated electricity and can be used both grid-connected and off-grid. The great thing about using a hybrid inverter is that you can also add a Storage cels at a later time. So this does not have to be done directly at the installation (this can be cost-effective).

It is recommended to use a Lithium-Ion. Lithium battery packs, which is suitable for a rapidly fluctuating energy demand and can also be empty for a while without causing damage. A grid-connected hybrid system is truly tailor-made. It is advisable to call in an expert to ensure that a storage system is properly used and coordinated.

A battery inverter charger like the SMA sunny Island or SMA Sunny Storage. They take care for the charge and discharge off the backup and storage battery. The battery management system or short BMS is taking care of the health of the li ion battery. For inverter generators is most commen to use a automatic start generator

If you want to generate power yourself

You can choose to install a completely off-grid system. Even if the energy grid is not stable (enough) or if you want to be independent of The EDP, an off-grid system can be the solution.

With an off-grid system, it is very important to properly map your energy consumption so that you can adjust the generators accordingly. Here you have to start from your peak usage and maximum load so that you do not run out of power unintentionally.

In addition, the circumstances are important; is there enough sunlight and are there other sources such as wind or water available?

And how much and often do you need power from a battery? Because an off-grid system cannot use energy from the grid, it is essential to map the energy consumption very well so that you do not run out of DC power.

All matters in which the we can provide you with advice. Feel free to ask us for more information, we are happy to help you further! We are a specialist in off-grid energy systems and supplies ready-made energy solutions.

Power system use the modern battery technology for off-grid living in Portugal.

Two different inverter types are used for that. They are al DC coupled. For off-grid living mostly two battery types used: a backup system primarily used is lead acid battery or low voltage lithium iron phosphate.

The voltage is mostly between 40 and 60 Volts. For solar backup systems like the SMA Sunny Storage is a higher voltage lithium battery bank used. They are starting from 350 volts and higher voltage.

Off Grid Portugal

The commonly used grid-connected PV system for living Off grid portugal
system works as follows:
with sufficient Sun radiation, your household will run directly on the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system. If you need more electricity than your own system can generate at that time? The energy company will automatically help you: you will receive extra electricity.

The moment more electricity is generated than is necessary, it is automatically fed back into the electricity grid). With a network-connected system, the network functions like a battery.

Pay per feed in is the amount that you have received from the electra company. In the calculation for balancing, this amount of energy is the limit. You can therefore never offset more than the amount that you have received yourself.

Therefore, from a financial point of view, it is not advisable to install more photovoltaic modules than you need to generate your own annual electricity consumption.

To ensure that the current is actually settled, the current meter must be able to turn back in the event of a negative power consumption. It is therefore essential that you check whether you have a suitable meter.

The netting arrangement makes it very attractive for private individuals in the Netherlands to invest in photovoltaic panels. Thanks to the 1-on-1 settlement, you can earn back your investment in an average of seven years.

With a grid-connected system, it is important to map out your annual and daily energy consumption. Which devices do you use and when? If you know this, you can ensure that the electricity generated by the PVmodules can be used immediately.

For example, you can run the washing machine when the sun shines instead of in the evening. This ensures that you make optimum use of sustainable solar energy and that you need as little electricity as possible from the grid.