SMA solar inverters are seen as the absolute top segment of the PV systems industry and storage systems. It is not for nothing that the market leader produces these SMA inverters in solar power energy inverters. SMA Solar Technology AG was founded in 1981. Today, it is represented in 22 countries on four continents.

Service means everything, so they have a trade-in service for devices in which it serves the customer in Germany within 24 hours and Worldwide within 48 hours. Besides that, they have a free Service Line where you can go with all its technical questions. It is making therefore this brand one of the most ease and comfort inverter producers on the market.


SMA Solar energy inverters are indeed not the cheapest inverters on the market. It is easy to pay 100 euros extra for an SMA inverter compared to another brand inverters with an equally high watt peak power. Although this may seem expensive at first sight, you should not forget that an inverter also symbolises the "heart" of your solar panel system. The plus price is therefore often paid out twice in the extra yield that the inverter can generate.

As mentioned earlier, SMA inverters are state of the art inverters. Partly because of this, SMA sunny boy do not have any hotspots in the inverter (places in the inverter that become hot), and this guarantees a long service life of the inverters. Besides, all SMA solar inverters are modern in design and have a bright display. Together with the five-year product warranty, which can be extended to 10+ years depending on your needs, these inverter offers you an excellent product.

SMA Sunny Boy inverters are ideal for small and medium-sized solar panels. They are extremely reliable and user-friendly. The SMA Boy series has received prizes several times and is continuously being developed further. The latest generation of Sunny Boy inverters has optitrac global peak and H5 Topology technologies. Boy inverters series starts at 240-watt peak and goes up to 5,000 watts peak.


All SMA Sunny Boy inverters are incidentally transformer-less. The abbreviation TL indicates this. An Sunny Boy 4.000TL-21 inverter could be used for an average household. That consumes around 4.000 kWh on an annual basis and wants to cover its total energy consumption with solar panels.

SMA Sunny Tripower inverters are ideal for large solar panels starting at 5,000 watts peak. Just like the boy series, they are extremely reliable and user-friendly. The SMA Sunny Tripower inverters requires that you have a three-phase connection ( three phase inverter or inversor trifásico). This series of inverters are available in the following watt peak capacities: 5,000, 6,000,7,000,8,000,9,000, 10,000,12,000, 15,000 and 17,000. They all possess optitrac global peak and H5 Topology technologies.

Besides, within SMA Sunny Tripower series, there is also the Economic Excellence project and Economic Excellence line. Both lines are available for operating a watt peak power of 15,000 and 20,000. The line has been specially developed to handle the transit of incoming solar power energy more efficiently.

Storage solution with battery connections from the SMA group covers the whole solar power energy industry. The SMA Sunny boy Storage are the solar SMA battery inverters for high-voltage batteries for backup function. The SMA Sunny Island for the off-grid systems with low battery voltage and in the event of a grid outage.

The device combines the flexibility of a grid-connected system with the advantages of high-voltage technology. The integrated web server with direct access to the energy portal ensures easy start-up. With the sunny Boy Storage, you get clarity about the energy flows at your home. Perfect match with the SMA Sunny Boy inverters.

Battery inverters SMA Sunny Island, 230 Volt inverters, can function autonomously (without connection to the public electricity grid) but also with a link to the public electricity grid. In this case, the Sunny Island operates as UPS. If the mains voltage fails, it will be taken over immediately and without failure by the Sunny Island inverters. The batteries (and the solar panels if available) will then provide the energy. They isaly intregrated with any existing pv system.


All SMA inverters are equipped with Webconnect technology as standard. Allowing you to connect the inverters directly to the router and register for free and follow up via the online info portal, Sunny Portal for all SMA products. This is a personalised (and free!) Personal website for the display of solar power installations, on which you can log in from anywhere in the world. Take a look at the example installations on Sunny Portal.

You can also follow the installation data via the Sunny Portal app for iPhone and Android smartphones.
If you want to manage your home energy more intelligently. The Sunny Home Manager is the most suitable data logger to forward the data to Sunny Portal and create an electricity supply overview.

For larger, commercial installations, sometimes with PV power plant operators, we work with the Data Manager M to collect the data from the facility and send it to the web portal ennexOS. With this data logger, many extra parameters can be made transparent.

SMA Webconnect
The easiest and cheapest way to get the data of a residential or small commercial installation on the internet is Webconnect. Just plug an ethernet cable into your sunny inverters, and it will automatically send its most essential data on production and power to the Sunny Portal. Where you can view and monitor data in real-time from anywhere in the world. Many solar inverters contain Wi-Fi and can thus connect.

You can see precisely whether your installation yields what you expect, and will receive status updates and a warning by e-mail if an error occurs in the installation.

For monitoring five or more inverters, you, therefore, need an additional data logger.