SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter | Inversor trifásico solar

SMA solar inverter Sunny Tripower is a series of three-phase inverters with 2 MPPTs. Unique is the OptiTrac function with which the effect of shadow can be limited. In addition to the bluetooth communication, the inverters in this series also have the Webconnect with which the performance of the system can be monitored online. 

The following inverters from this series are available: STP 5000TL-20, STP 6000TL-20, STP 7000TL-20, STP 8000TL-20, STP 9000TL-20, STP 10,000TL-20 and STP 12,000TL-20.

The German brand excels in quality, efficiency and a high service level. It has a very extensive and complete range of mono and three-phase inverters suitable for various applications.

These photovoltaic converters have one of the highest returns in their class, namely 98%. The injection takes place in three phases for a better equilibrium of the phases (cos φ = 1). Thanks to the high voltage range, up to 1000V, you can use the Tripower to increase the number of photovoltaic panels on each input.

This PV inverter has two independent trackers. With the second tracker with lower power, you can adjust the number of PV panels.

OptiTrac Global - MPPT is a mechanism in the photovoltaic inverter that ensures that the photovoltaic panel is optimally loaded by the inverter and therefore obtains the maximum power from the PV panel.

The tripower inverter is equipped with a BLUETOOTH / SPEEDWIRE connection as standard. Thanks to OptiTrac technology, the Tripower continuously searches for the optimum operating point of the Tripower inverter.

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SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter | Inversor trifásico solar

The Tripower is a non-transformer PV inverter with 2 MPP trackers, which converts the direct current from the PV generator into three-phase alternating current in line and delivers this three-phase alternating current to the public grid.

Perfectly suited for the design of the traditional residential PV system to the higher power failure range. After all, with the addition of the new Sunny Tripower inverter 10 kVA and 12 kVA versions to the portfolio, the photovoltaic converters product range covers a wide range of applications. 

Users benefit from numerous proven product characteristics. Very flexible with proven Optiflex technology and asymmetric multistring, it delivers maximum yields with a top efficiency rating and OptiTrac Global Peak. In addition to SMA and Sunspec Modbus communication, it also comes standard with a direct sunny Portal connection via SMA webConnect. 

Other standard features include integrated Grid Management functions, reactive power supply and suitability for use with a 30 ma RCD. In summary, when it comes to system design in the 5 kW to 12 kW power classes. 

This photovoltaic converter is the optimal product solution-for applications ranging from use in your own home and larger PV roof systems to implementation of smaller-scale PV farms.

More detailed description ( descrição detalhada ) can be found here. SMA tripower Inverters

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter | Inversor trifásico solar

  • Easy installation:
    The Tripower inverter can be quickly and easily connected without tools thanks to the cable connections. Save valuable time when mounting this inverter. The SUNCLIX connectors are supplied with all the SMA products.
  • High efficiency:
    SMA sunny tripower inverter offers optimum efficiency. This high efficiency is made possible by the OptiTrac Global Peak function. MMP allows maximum energy to be obtained from an installation that is partly in the shade. The maximum return to be achieved is no less than 98%.
  • Bluetooth connection:
    Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the Tripower inverter is connected in real time to Sunny Portal via SMA Webconnect. You have direct access to the performance data of your installation.
  • Two independent trackers:
    The two autonomous inputs of the photovoltaic converter allow you to install your panels in two different places (e.g. the east and west sides of the roof). The performance of your installation is optimal because the inverter will seek the best possible output from each input.
  • Integrated cooling:
    OptiCool technology is integrated into the Tripower inverter, ensuring the proper operation and performance of your installation outside and under extreme climatic conditions.
  • Three-phase inverter:
    SMA Tripower inverter series are three-phase inverters. In portugese "inversor trifásico photovoltaic".
  • View and monitor data: 
    data protection declarations, Access documents and receive status updates in the info portal.

The SMA Tripower 3.0–6.0 is the SMA solution for powerful PV energy installations in private households. The device combines excellent performance with maximum convenience and comfort for its users. Thanks to integrated services and solutions for the shadow problem, the device can handle any difficult situation on the roof. 

You can download the current warranty conditions at

This way you can always count on the SMA Tripower for maximum yield from photovoltaic energy and the installation reduces your electricity costs.