SMA Sunny Boy Storage | Solar energy storage system

SMA sunny boy solar energy storage system is expected to be the main growth engine of the PV power industry. SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) and LG Chem Ltd. have joined forces to serve this flourishing market segment.

The companies have worked together to develop a particularly flexible and cost-efficient solution for the storage of the electricity of PV power plants. Particular to reduce the electricity costs for the consumer, and they have succeeded. Smart energy storage technologies bind together in a singel product.

The result is saving by more than 80%. The new solution is tailored for use in private households. It consists of SMA storage battery inverter and lithium ion batteries LG Chems RESU 10H and 7H units. 

In the future, the two market leaders are planning to extend the focus of their collaboration. Working together to generate more backup solutions on the utility scale with the SMA Sunny Central battery inverter.

Here you find all the compatible battery systems for SMA energy backup system. All that are usable and recommended with this renewable energy storage converter. Also the data protection declarationscan found on the SMA website.

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SMA backup inverter | Solar energy storage system

A smart combination. Flexible and energy cost-effective design of the system. Save 80% on your electricity bill thanks to storage solutions from SMA and LG Chem. 

With the photovoltaic battery converter, customers benefit from significantly lower cost system and installation and flexible applications. Thanks to AC coupling, the battery inverter can be installed or expanded at any location, at any time. Regardless of whether PV installations are already present.

The Storage series uses high-voltage technology to make it cost efficient and lightweight. Lead acid batteries are therefore not recommended. It also uses only a few components because the primary functions of intelligent battery management are already integrated. This makes this battery converter the ideal choice for private use.

Unlike the Sunny Island, they do not have an automatic transfer switch in the event of a electricity grid failure.


  • Approximately 57% less electricity needed from energy companies.
  • Possible to use photovoltaic power all day long.
  • Works a back-up system, incase off grid failure (not all systems).
  • Almost the entire annually generated PV power is consumed.
  • Possible with almost every existing PV installation.
  • Ready for the future with Smart Grid compatibility.

SMA offers a perfect solution for both new and existing solutions. For a new installation, the Smart Energy storage inverter with integrated battery is a budget-friendly solution. This energy system from SMA is the perfect solution for existing installations. The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is managing the electricity what is not used for self-consumption will be stored into the battery for later use.

If you buy an SMA energy storage system, an energy meter from the same brand will also be installed. The inverters will communicate with this meter to optimize the release of the energy.

SMA sunny boy storage example.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage Smart solar energy storage system

  • High-voltage battery integrated.
  • Three DC battery connections. ( 3 x 10A )
  • Ideal for new installations.
  • Easy installation.
  • Very high efficiency.
  • Space-saving.
  • External high voltage battery.
  • AC connected.
  • Very flexible; ideal for new and existing installations.
  • All types of inverters (micro or string inverter).
  • Free choice of high voltage batteries (eg LG Chems RESU, TESLA, BYD).
  • You can determine the depth of discharge.

Monitoring and supervision via Wi-Fi.
The battery storage converter is equipped with internet supervision (monitoring and energy management ) via Wi-Fi. So that the correct functioning of the PV panels can be checked at any time. 

If you connect to the info portal for all sma equipement, the data is sent to the SMA servers. With the application on mobile and tablet, you can view and monitor data about the efficiency and performance of the existing pv system in real time.

Suitable for installing a photovoltaic system of 3kWp and 15kWp.
These SMA inverters are ideal for a new installation or the expansion of existing PV panel installation. A battery storage solution for photovoltaic panel installations can be added between 2.5 kWp and 15 kWp.

The SMA Boy Storage is Single phase inverter. It is meant to manage the energy requirement. You can not connect power photovoltaic panels directly with the battery systems. The inverter, therefore, does not return independently. 

These inverter connects at home via the single-phase network. But it can also function via a three-phase system and solar batteries. So you can also consume and combine with the SMA Tripower inverters yourself.

In event of a grid outage these converters can function as backup function. 
Although it is a grid tied inverter, you can still use it as off-grid inverter. "SMA’s battery Storage with Automatic Backup Unit is a comprehensive solution. That can supply whole home backup power in the event of a grid outage,” said Nick Morbach, executive VP of SMA’s residential and commercial business unit.

This innovative solution of solar storage, provides a sense of security and peace of mind for homeowners.
Knowing they will have power when they need it most!