Solar PV Panels energy beneficial?

Photovoltaic panels are an investment that should not be underestimated. Yet you would be surprised at the relatively short payback time of pv modules. After all, photovoltaic energy systems are still very advantageous, even without green energy certificates. Because you produce your own electricity, you do not have to worry about the rise in energy prices.

Is solar energy environmentally friendly?
A photovoltaic panel convert the light and energy of the sun into electricity via pv cells. There is therefore no emission of harmful gases or other unwanted waste olaats. That is why photovoltaic energy is one of the most important sustainable energy sources in our modern society. By installing energy photovoltaic pv, you contribute to the preservation of our environment.

What if the sun does not shine?
Rest assured, a pv panel generates electricity even when it is cloudy. After all, the system works on direct and diffuse indirect sunlight that reaches the earth through the clouds. Of course, the yield of your PV energy system is higher if they are in full sun. It is therefore logical that they generate more energy on long summer days than on short winter days.

Solar PV Panels fit on any type of roof?

Yes, you can have photovoltaic panels installed on almost any roof without problems. They can be placed on both sloping and flat roofs. You can also install stand-alone pv energy system.

Is the orientation important?
Orientation definitely a role when you have pv modules installed. For optimum efficiency, let your solar panels focus as far south as possible. But even in the west and east, they generate sufficient power. Only a northern orientation is unsuitable for power generation.

Do I have to adjust my home or electricity grid?
Mostly not. Does your electrical cabinet have to be adjusted exceptionally? Then we will inform you about this beforehand.

PV Panels


What about the life and maintenance of a photovoltaic energy system? 
A photovoltaic power system lasts for at least 25 to 30 years. Moreover, photovoltaic panels require little or no maintenance. You do not even have to clean them, because thanks to the slanted arrangement and the repelling layer your pv panels clean themselves. In addition, they are resistant to storm, hail, snow and heavy frost.

Why is shadow inconvenient?
The shadow of trees, chimneys or other buildings significantly reduces the yield of the solar system. Because the cells in a panel are all connected in series, the entire panel loses its yield. Compare it with Christmas lights: if one lamp is broken, the whole series will no longer work. Our panels partly absorb this problem with bypass diodes that compensate for the loss.

Do PV Panels need ventilation?

The efficiency drops from 25 ° C! That is why we do not opt for installation between the tiles when installing photovoltaic panels, but for a superstructure with a fastening system on top of the roof. This way we ventilate the photovoltaic modules between the tiles and the panels. Comparative measurements showed that built-in panels produce 5% less on an annual basis.

What is grid monitoring of the inverter?
If the voltage or frequency of the supplied current falls outside the norms, dangerous situations arise. A safe inverter avoids these situations by automatically disconnecting the electricity grid at these times.

What does Maximum Power Point (MPP) mean?
The MPP represents the amount of resistance in the cell that is needed to generate a maximum amount of energy. Because this point is constantly shifting, all inverters have an MPP Tracker that continuously adjusts this resistance. This is how the photovoltaic cells always function optimally.