KIOTO SOLAR relies on fully automated production, certified to the highest European standards. Our modules are among the most profitable and most potent photovoltaic modules worldwide. We offer comprehensive guarantees and score points above all through the following features.

KIOTO stands for quality "Made in Austria". Our modules go through the most stringent tests. Our fully automated production eliminates inaccuracies.

So KIOTO can offer comprehensive warranties, the modules come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee.

Kioto PV modules

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The modules are characterized by high load capacity (5.400Pa) with low module weight (less than 20kg). For optimum use in the mountainous area, all modules undergo extensive snow load tests.

Extensive hail tests (25mm grain size, 165.6 km / h) guarantee damage-free operation in case of bad weather.

Our components and products meet the highest quality standards. This and our many years of experience in the production of the modules ensures our long-term success.

To guarantee the longevity of your system, attaches great importance to reliable suppliers who meet the high-quality requirements.
Product: High quality
For sure

Our brilliant frame concept not only ensures technical safety but also gives our modules a similar design and excellent stability.

Your advantages:

  • Top design without external grooves
  • Shapely undercut corners
  • Optic groove on top
  • Optimized statics
  • Integrated drainage in the corner

Product: Safe and highly efficient

The nominal power of photovoltaic modules is measured at an ideal irradiance of 1000W / m2. Especially in northern countries, these ideal conditions are rarely achieved.

KIOTO PV panels have been developed to work optimally in real conditions. Thanks to their optimal low-light performance, they achieve the highest yields even at low irradiation.
Product: Highly efficient
Even more power

New cell technology and the use of anti-reflective glass provide even more power. Through the antireflective glass, almost the entire spectrum of sunlight used for energy can penetrate the coated panes.

The antireflection coating reduces the reflection of sunlight: the amount of light entering the photovoltaic module is increased significantly. This significantly improves performance and increases efficiency.

The highly efficient universal genius!

The highly efficient 60-cell modules, with an output of up to 310 Wp, are produced in Austria using state-of-the-art equipment. The crystalline PV modules, with power tolerance of + 5W to -0W, come standard with a Tyco junction box.

The power modules are available in the design variants silver & black. Their robust construction and optimum weight characterize the panels.

Full performance, no matter what!

The intelligent Power MAXIM Plus photovoltaic module is optimally suited for systems with potential shading, dirt or non-optimal orientation.

Single-string connection and the clever Maxim can enable the control of every single cell row. The intelligent junction box is compatible with every inverter.